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Talon Strikes Studios

Vinyl Big Band

Vinyl Big Band

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During the 40s, the Big Band era was at its climax, with genres such as Jazz and Swing leading the way. In addition to the talented band leaders, gifted musicians delivered moving solos. People enjoyed great music at nightclubs or listening at home on radios or record players. Records initially were only available at 78-speed and held one song. However, 33-speed records with their extended duration began to grow in popularity.

Big Band is a Vinyl edition that expands on the core mechanisms of Vinyl with the introduction of the Window Display, Leader Board, Soloist Tokens, Drum Cards, Album Speed bonuses, and a new way to build collections. Players will collect albums from two genres, Swing and Jazz, recorded at two different speeds from up to eight band leaders. A player collecting the more common record speed of the decade, 78, will earn additional points but must pay more versus the new record speed of the decade, 33.

A player may retire a collection from a single genre at the Front Counter once there is a minimum of four albums with different instruments. The player earns a Collection Reward Token based on the number of complete matches across the retired albums and a Band Leader Power based on which band leaders are in the retired collection.


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