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Noah's Balance Ark Playset

Noah's Balance Ark Playset

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A Flood is Coming!

Noah's having trouble stacking all his animals on the ark and he needs your help. Take turns stacking the animals on the ark until everyone is balanced. Place the waves under each side of the ark if things get too rocky. Can you get them to balance on the ark before the flood comes?



Make It a Game!

1. Place Noah in the center of the ark. Youngest player goes first.

2. Roll the die, then pick up the animal that matches its color. If there are no remaining animals that match, re-roll.

3. Place your animals on the ark. If no animals fall off, play continues to the left.

4. The game ends when an animal falls off the ark.

Why You'll Love It

Help little ones learn this well-known bible story through imaginative play! It even has two of every animal: lion, elephant, giraffe, donkey, alligator, and dove. This challenging balance game encourages fine motor skills, dexterity, and problem-solving skills. This toy is simple to play, tough to master, providing hours and hours of replay value.


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