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Puzzle Baby Classic Animals

Puzzle Baby Classic Animals

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Puzzle Baby set consists of thick cardboard jigsaw puzzles that make the perfect start to your kid's puzzle adventure. The large size of the individual pieces makes them fit the little hands perfectly, and the vivid colors and pleasant shapes encourage the children to play. Designed for small children, these jigsaw puzzles teach patience while at the same time developing creativity, spatial imagination, and manual skills of the small user. The set consists of four individual sets and is children-safe. The packaging has the form of a solid, cardboard box that will prevent the pieces from getting scattered and lost. Thanks to the handle attached to it, the box is easier to carry. To produce their Baby Puzzles, Trefl used safe and ecological materials. Price made and perfectly matched pieces, as well as the high quality of the print, make playing with these jigsaw puzzles even easier and more pleasant.

Baby Puzzle is a set of large jigsaw puzzles made of thick cardboard. Designed for the youngest children, they make for a perfect start to your child's puzzle adventure.

The product consists of four independent sets that help develop the child's manual skills and perceptiveness.

The vivid colors and pleasant shapes encourage the children to play, while the interesting illustrations catch their eyes.

Jigsaw puzzles stimulate curiosity and imagination, reassure the child, teach patience and perceptiveness and provide a great concentration exercise.

Made of safe, high-quality natural materials, it's a perfect gift for small children.


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