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Puzzle Wooden Shaped 160 Disney Season's Greetings

Puzzle Wooden Shaped 160 Disney Season's Greetings

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A truly unique series! A wooden puzzle designed for anyone who appreciates carefully crafted, aesthetically pleasing and modern solutions. Put together a bauble-shaped picture of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse on a sled, completed is 7.2"x9.5"

Irregularly shaped pieces and 10 unique puzzle figures inspired by the fabulous Mickey Mouse universe. The decorative pattern on the reverse side is bound to please any puzzle lover.

Great memory and creative thinking training. Train your perceptiveness and develop your manual skills.

Puzzle pieces in an environmentally friendly paper bag and cardboard box.

Perfect as a gift for puzzle lovers. Suitable for adults and children over 12 years old. Also available for purchase are other jigsaw puzzles from the WOOD CRAFT series with 1000 and 500+1 pieces, as well as wooden shaped puzzles with 160 and 500+5 pieces.


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