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Puzzle Woodcraft 1000 Magical Chamber

Puzzle Woodcraft 1000 Magical Chamber

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Are you a puzzle enthusiast? WOOD CRAFT wooden jigsaw puzzle by Trefl has been created just for you! Using the unique puzzle design and original puzzle figures, assemble the image and move to the mysterious chamber. Wooden puzzles with irregular shapes are the perfect alternative to traditional puzzles. The set consists of 1000 elements among which as many as 100 puzzle figurines in the shape of various animals have been hidden. Finding them is an additional, great fun! Find the seal, turtle, or chameleon! Additionally, each puzzle piece has a decorative pattern on the reverse side. Appreciate the high quality of craftsmanship, notice the intensity of colors and eye-catching details. WOOD CRAFT wooden puzzles will delight aesthetes and puzzle lovers looking for a new dimension of entertainment. Train your memory and logical thinking skills and develop your creativity. You will see that it is a real hit and great entertainment for adults and children aged 12 and over. Puzzles have been manufactured from high quality materials. Out of concern for the environment, we have reduced the amount of plastic by making the packaging entirely from cardboard.* An exceptional series! Wooden puzzle created for those who appreciate neat craftsmanship, aesthetics, and modern solutions. Put the picture together and feel the magical atmosphere!

As many as 100 unique puzzle figures and magical shapes. Decorative pattern on the reverse side will be appreciated by every puzzle lover.

Great memory and creative thinking training. Exercise perceptiveness and develop manual skills.

The irregularly shaped puzzle will create a 375 x 519 mm image. Puzzle pieces packaged in an environmentally friendly paper bag and cardboard packaging.

Perfect as a gift for those who want to feel a little magic. Puzzle designed for adults and children over 12 years old.


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