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Bamboo Bash Panda Dexterity Game

Bamboo Bash Panda Dexterity Game

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This dexterity game is GREAT for families, friends and even children!  Imperial Publishing isn't new to board games, in fact we have already run 4 prior successful Kickstarter projects and this second game of ours promises to be our best one yet! 


Welcome to the world of Bamboo Bash!  We all love pandas but boy do they love to eat!  As Panda conservationists we are all trying to carefully remove that yummy bark and even yummier leaves from the bamboo without destroying the tree OR upsetting the baby panda on top!  Each player takes a turn wacking at the tree to remove the outer (edible) layers for points, but take care, if a player knocks off the inner cores or causes the panda atop the tree to fall, negative points will be incurred!  


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