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Everyone needs a ROBiT! These tiny robots are the perfect companions. They can cook, they can clean, and they can even be a friend when you're feeling down. The only thing they can't do is put themselves together.


That's where you come in. As the brightest and newest employee at ROBiTs Inc., you get to roll up your sleeves and build the best ROBiT you can. Pick parts from the assembly line as it goes by, put them together how you like, and send your ROBiT off into the world to be adopted!


To set up ROBiTs, lay out one row of seven cards face up, then lay out one additional row of seven cards above this for each player in the game. On a turn, you choose either a face-up or face-down card, reveal it (if needed), then add it to your collection. If you take a face-up card, reveal the card in the row immediately above it.


Once everyone has taken seven cards, players assemble their ROBiT (one head, one body, one pair of legs, and two arms), scoring points for all the parts used and for having three or more cards of the same color. If you took Sparkeez cards, score those as well. Whoever has the most points wins!


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