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Main Event Wrestling

Main Event Wrestling

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Main Event Wrestling is mainly a card game that simulates the action at a professional wrestling match. Players maintain a hand of seven cards that when played, allow them to make attacks on their opponents or to defend against such maneuvers.


Each turn, players play "rock-scissors-paper" (called "strike-kick-grab" in this game) to establish who has the right to attack (momentum). Cards are played, with titles straight from pro wrestling moves (Figure Four Leg Lock, Atomic Drops) and quips (Did you see that?!). The cards have different costs and effects, adjusting the wrestler's fatigue markers as the fighters stun, knock down, and try to pin each other. Some allow the wrestlers to seize the momentum and attack. When the players have played all the cards they want, they determine the injuries inflicted onto their wrestlers and refill their hand of cards. When the deck has ran out of cards, the cards that have been played are reshuffled to form a new deck.


The game ends when a player wins the match by having their opponent's wrestler pinned, knocked out, or disqualified. The game also ends when the card deck has been reshuffled as many times as the number of players in the game.


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