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Yummy Yummy Pancake

Yummy Yummy Pancake

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We are known for our family-friendly games, but especially our hit Korean dexterity games: Click Clack Lumberjack and Coconuts. Now comes our third game in the Korean Dexterity Trilogy.  If you like our other family games, this one will be flippin' perfect for you!


Yummy Yummy Pancake is also by Korea Board Games and like Coconuts and Click Clack Lumberjack, this game is much more fun than it has any right to be!  


This game is all about flipping pancakes, the more you flip the lower the odds your opponents will be able to guess them correctly and the more points YOU will score!  Its flippin' brilliant!


For the rulebook, click here.


Like Coconuts and Click Clack Lumberjack, this game is easy to learn but hard to master!  The starting player (Chef) places 8 pancakes in the pan and flips them. If at least two pancakes are flipped over then the Chef selects a player and asks that player to identify the flipped pancakes.


The Chef continues selecting other players and asking them to identify  hidden pancakes is until all hidden pancakes are allocated. Pass the pan to the next player and add more pancakes until there are 8 pancakes in the pan. First to 12 pancakes wins!


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