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AWARD-WINNING THEME: Obsession is set in 1860s England, but it is a passionate tribute to much more—from Jane Austen's Regency era through the Industrial Revolution and the evocative literature of the Victorian period to early 20th century Edwardian England. The affection for this period is not for the high and mighty, but for the underdog. It is Lizzy Bennet and John Bates, Jane Eyre and Elinor Dashwood, David Copperfield and Mary Thorne.

AWARD-WINNING STRATEGY: Obsession is a strategic Victorian era Euro-style board game that requires players to carefully manage their domestic staff, household renovations, social connections, and the family’s emerging reputation in the county.

NEW IN THE 2nd EDITION: Unique to the second edition (indicated by 2.1E topped by a crown in the upper right-hand corner of the box) are two hybrid improvement tiles: The South Lawn and Green Room. Hybrid tiles refer to a room or outdoor space that is multi-purpose; as a result, the tile category changes with the activity, a power that greatly impacts courtship!

THE BUILDERS' MARKET RESERVE: New management of the Builders' Market prevents it from stagnating and increases access to service tiles.

THEMATIC STORAGE SYSTEM: An entirely unique 8-box storage system with six boxes dedicated to the Obsession families and two large internal boxes for storing major components; supports storing the game flat or on its side.


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