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Pachisi India's Game of Twenty-Five

Pachisi India's Game of Twenty-Five

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A Wild Race to the Finish with Two Games in One!

Enjoy the national game of India and its modern update on one double-sided board! With Traditional Pachisi, break into two teams, toss the cowrie shells, and stampede your animal pawns to the finish line!

Then flip the board over to play Modern Pachisi, where it's every pawn for themselves! Roll the dice, move pawns, block and capture opponents, and make a mad dash to the finish.

This classic game two-pack pays homage to Pachisi's hisotry with colorful animal pawns, traditional cowrie shell pieces, and a vibrant, double-sided wooden game board.

What is Pachisi?

The Traditional Pachisi is a simple cross and circle game played on a cross-shaped board between two teams of two partners while the more modernized gameplay is a free-for-all race to the finish! The name derives from the Hindi word - pachis, meaning twenty-five - the largest score that can be thrown in one turn. The game itself has sustained and evolved for over 1700 years, so there are many interpretations of the rules, we simply mention the two most popular versions for you to play. You may even notice Pachisi's influence on some of your favorite modern board games out there!


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