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Math Rush 02 Multiplication & Exponents

Math Rush 02 Multiplication & Exponents

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Think fast in Math Rush, a totally thrilling cooperative math game that will make your heart race and your head rev. For three rounds, up to five players must balance strategy and speed, properly sequencing sums and differences before the timer runs out. Crunch the numbers in a hurry and rack up more points; make an error and miss your goal. Whether you beat your high score or not, it’s more fun than you calculated.

Volume 1 is a quick-paced card game where players must work as a team to sequence the solutions of their addition and subtraction equations, all the while racing against the clock! The equations might be simple, but the strategy and challenge involved with working together to complete the required goals under the pressure of time makes this game enjoyable for all audiences!

1-5 players
Ages 8+
15 minute play time

67 Basic Equation Cards
27 Advanced Equation Cards
11 Basic Goal Cards
4 Advanced Goal Cards
3 Help Cards


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