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Wiz Dice

Wiz Dice Titan Dice Calliope Cherry Blossom w/White

Wiz Dice Titan Dice Calliope Cherry Blossom w/White

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Favor of the Muse

The ferocious minotaur Andrixilon clenches its fists around the haft of its vorpal war-axe ""Maze-Killer."" Its horns glisten with the lifeblood of a thousand would-be heroes. All her allies wounded on the temple steps, only the humble bard Homerus stands between the minotaur and absolute victory. Homerus raises his blade. ""Queen of Muses, O Calliope, I invoke thy song."" The minotaur pauses. Only a brief pause. A faint drumbeat fills the temple chamber. Homerus strikes. For Calliope. For his muse.

All dice, whether stone or resin, tell a story. Tell yours! This complete set of seven Calliope Titan Dice from Wiz Dice include massive, intricate polyhedrals for all your roleplaying needs. 25 millimeters of pink cherry blossom color and vivid inlay invite you to channel the goddess of poetry with a d4, d6, d8, d10, d10(0), d12, and d20. Whether these become your new standby or the set you pull out when you REALLY need that crit, carry these precious treasures in a runed carry box with sliding lid.

More size means more excitement! Have a particularly important roll that needs to have the fitting amount of dramatic flair applied to it? Bring out your Titan Dice and bring some extra heft to that last hit on a dungeon boss or the last desperate healing spell to save your party from certain doom. Titan Dice are 65% larger than regular sized polyhedral dice, you might need more than one hand to roll them with!


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