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Wiz Dice

Wiz Dice Titan Dice Achlys Swamp Ooze w/Amethyst

Wiz Dice Titan Dice Achlys Swamp Ooze w/Amethyst

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Favor of the Gods

The swamp giant Morganth roars with rage, its legendary oaken warhammer crushing trees into the mire. Sensing the critical opportunity to strike, the wizard Kithri raises her wand. "Mother Achlys, patron of death, curse this baneful monster." The wand emits a muted green aura, then a beautiful, screaming beam of light tears across the fen. The missile strikes Morganth in the heart. For Achlys. For glory.

All dice, whether stone or resin, tell a story. Tell yours! This complete set of seven Achlys Titan Dice from Wiz Dice include massive, intricate polyhedrals for all your roleplaying needs. 25 millimeters of lush color and purple inlay invite you to channel the goddess of death with a d4, d6, d8, d10, d10(0), d12, and d20. Whether these become your new standby or the set you pull out when you REALLY need that crit, carry these precious treasures in a runed carry box with sliding lid.

Why You'll Love It

In this set you'll find a complete set of classic RPG dice suitable for dungeon delvers, pathfinders, and dragon slayers. Named for the colossal and primordial gods of old, Titan Dice are hulking polyhedral giants engraved with mythic runes and sealed away in an ornate wooden storage box. While most poly sets are on a 16mm standard, these 25mm standard mammoths are over twice as large, twice as heavy, and have twice the impact when you bust them out for your most important rolls.


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