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Dystopian Wars Privateeers Scions of Jutland Battlefleet

Dystopian Wars Privateeers Scions of Jutland Battlefleet

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Any port was understandably scared when they saw the vessels of the enemy on the horizon, defences were manned and military forces were on alert. If the ships sighted were bearing the markings of the Scions of Jutland, it was an altogether more desperate affair. No quarter would be given, no surrender accepted and no mercy shown. While operating under a letter of marque from the Kriegsministerium, the Scions of Jutland have their own hierarchy, following the augueries of Volva Gullveig, the Witch of Jutland. A patron of one of the Great Powers might try to employ the services of the Scions as privateeers, but Gullveig has her own eldritch motives guiding her decisions and, ultimately, the contracts undertaken by the group. Few know why she does what she does but none can question her effectiveness.

Often a battlefleet will be led by a Valhalla Fast Dreadnought, its paired Sturmbringers and fore mounted heavy volt gun batteries providing a devastating punch before eager marines perform a decisive boarding action. Rarer but no less impressive are the Asgard carriers, surrounded by swarms of Valkyrie Hunt Rotors, unleashing their fury from above like their mythic namesakes

This box contains:

1x Valhalla Fast Dreadnought (may also be built as SMS Skjalden or Asgard Class)
2x Thor Assault Raider (may also be built as Loki, Angrboda, Heimdall, Baldr or Gefjon Class)
2x Odin Reaver (may also be built as Jotuun or Gungnir Class)
4x Fenrir Hunter Submarine
2x Valkyrie Hunt Rotor
4x Escort Token
2x Vali SRS Token
4x Hoth Heavy Corvette
2x Einherjar Vitruvian Colossus

Please note:

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.
Unit Cards are not included and can be found on the Dystopian Wars website.


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