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Dystopian Wars The Imperium Zeppelin Battlefleet

Dystopian Wars The Imperium Zeppelin Battlefleet

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Designed by Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin, the framework is made of duralumin - a sturginium alloy of aluminium and copper. To hold the helium that gives the craft its buoyancy, the ship employs dozens of rubberised cotton gasbags within the frame, leaving plenty of room for the heavy munitions that make these vessels rightly feared.

Colloquially referred to as war-rockets by the Prussian navy due to their distinctive missile-like shape, the Kriegsturm patrol the skies around the Imperium and beyond. Commonly armed with deadly high-speed Luft Speerschleuders, these weapons are ideal for hunting down submerged targets while its Flak Batteries rip apart aircraft.

Utilising pressurised Blaugas jet engines to achieve exceptional speeds, the Jaeger is a lethal aerial hunter operating in packs to clear the skies of enemy airships or plunge out of the clouds to strike their unsuspecting foes below.


1x Zeppelin Aerial Dreadnought (may also be built as Stark Imperium)
2x Airships (may be built as Nuremberg or Kriegsturm)
4x Aerial Destroyers (may be built as either Jaeger or Munich)
4x Pflicht Escorts
2x SRS Tokens

Please Note:

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.


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