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Dystopian Wars The Crown Inviolate Indian Raj Frontline Squadrons

Dystopian Wars The Crown Inviolate Indian Raj Frontline Squadrons

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The waters of this particular stretch of the Bay of Bengal were quiet for now, but they would remain so. When the Empire battlefleet that was massing in the Andaman Sea arrived they would become a roiling, violent tempest. The line drawn between the territories of the Crown and the Empire may not be literal lines through the ocean, but as soon as an unwelcome vessel crossed from one territory to the other alarms would be raised and fighters launched. Ceylon platforms supported by Nagaraja Tactical Cruisers and their escorts were running drills in anticipation of the predicted attack. The crews were tense and tired but they had no doubt that they would repel the assault from the Empire, they had done so before and would do so again.


2x Nagaraja (may also be built as Indus, Godavari, Devaki or Chanura Class)
2x Ceylon Platform
4x Escort
2x Landing Token

Please Note:

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.


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