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Dystopian Wars The Crown Inviolate Aerial Squadrons

Dystopian Wars The Crown Inviolate Aerial Squadrons

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Tough and reliable airships, the Prydain has served the Crown for two decades, replacing the Glaisher class war balloons after the debacle during the Rout at Mboto Gorge. Despite their age, the Prydain still prove to be more than a match for the latest aeronautic vessels of the other Great Powers.

Reliable workhorses of the Crown's aerial ambitions, squadrons of Tintagels patrol every corner of the globe. Bow-mounted detectors reveal enemy submersibles to allies and embarked troops are ready to drop in and storm enemy fortifications.

Nimble and courageous, the crews of Saxon Scout Rotors are known as the Sixty-Minuters for their rapid response and plucky attitude to death.


2x Prydain War Rotor
2x Tintagel Battle Rotor
4x Saxon Scout Rotor

Please Note:

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.


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