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Dystopian Wars The Covenant of the Enlightened Chione Battlefleet

Dystopian Wars The Covenant of the Enlightened Chione Battlefleet

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Commandant Matthias Alborough gazed from the huge viewports of the Chione class submarine Benefaction. The darkness of the deep ocean might have terrified weaker men, but Alborough felt no such trepidation. To him, the void ahead was an abstraction of the future, unknown and endless in scope. A thing that he would impose his will upon for the benefit of all. Below him, moving across walkways and attending consoles, were officers relaying orders and constructs performing the menial tasks that kept a submersible of this size running. It was a hive of order that the Commandant knew would one day be replicated across the globe. The Covenant of the Enlightened held a sway on humanity that was growing by the day, despite the best efforts of the so-called Great Powers. Even now, the battlefleet that he was a part of, with its Euripides Automata and Plinius Support Carriers, was on its way to annihilate a platform network controlled by the Crown. If Pax Britannia could not protect its local infrastructure, then, of course, the fickle citizens of the area would be easy enough to bring into the fold of the Custodians. Protected. Safe. Placid.


1x Chione
6x Euripides Ambush Submarine (may also be built as Diogenes or Praxilla Class)
2x Plinius Support Carrier (may also be built as Claudius, Quintilian or Tacitus Class)
2x Physeter Token
2x SRS Token

Please Note:

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.


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