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Da Brigh Tarot

Tarot Deck Minchiate

Tarot Deck Minchiate

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The Minchiate Tarot is a 97-card deck that originated in Florence, Italy in the early 18th century. It is a variant of the traditional Tarot deck and includes additional cards, such as the Virtues, the Planets, and the Elements. The Minchiate Tarot is larger and more complex than the standard Tarot, with a broader range of symbolism and a more elaborate structure. The deck is divided into four suits, similar to the standard Tarot, but includes additional trump cards that reflect the astrological and elemental associations of the deck. The Minchiate Tarot is often used for divination and spiritual guidance, as well as for artistic and cultural purposes.

We have used modern printing and a professional artist to enhance the original designs. We also added keywords, for upright and reversed meanings, to make the 1 to 10 cards of the suits easier to interpret. Get a classic deck with modern improvements, making this a deck you can both collect and use!

The beautifully rendered artwork
Keywords for upright and reversed meanings on the cards
The expertly written guidebook.
The sturdy card stock, and easy to shuffle.

* thick 350 gsm paper
* card meanings on the cards
* 97 cards
* standard card size 2 3/4" x 4 3/4" (70 x 120mm)
* electronic booklet (QR code on the back)


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