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Clinic Deluxe Edition Extension 03

Clinic Deluxe Edition Extension 03

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You thought your Clinic was complete, but did you consider adding some of the most extravagant and outrageous upgrades available? In Clinic: Extension 3, you can add some amazing modules to your base game! You can call in the helicopter or a fire truck to try to quickly treat patients in critical condition. People making a hospital visit can check out the new gift shop, and you can even use therapy dogs to help accentuate psychiatric services. And there's a rumor that some patients saw ghosts in their rooms at night, but that's just talk, right? You will want to be careful with the new temporary workers because they're not yet settled in their new job. But maybe more important, keep an eye on the temperature of your air conditioning system, it's been making some weird rattling noises the last few days.


This box includes 12 expansion modules and 3 variants that can be mixed and matched to create a huge amount of variety in your Clinic games!


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