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BCW Card Bin 1600ct

BCW Card Bin 1600ct

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The 1,600 ct. Card Bin is made from a durable plastic and has a latching lid. It is similar to the already released 4 row 3,200 ct. Card Bin but the 1,600 ct. Card Bin is the 2 row “Shoe Box” size. The rows in the 1,600 ct. Card Bin are sized to accommodate toploaders and magnetic card holders. Two movable Card Partitions come with each 1,600 Card Bin. The partitions function as bookends to keep your cards upright. Additional Card Partitions can be purchased separately. These stack nicely on top of other 1,600 ct. Card Bins. A recessed handle makes these bins easy to carry.

☆ Holds 1600 loose trading cards
☆ Rows are wide enough to hold toploaders, magnetics, and deck boxes
☆ Stackable
☆ Includes 2 Card Bin Partitions
☆ Hinged lid features secure, sliding locks
☆ Recessed handle for easy carrying


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