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Blockbeard's Balance Boat Playset

Blockbeard's Balance Boat Playset

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How high can you stack the deck?

Yar, lil' matey, 'tis tough work, the pirate life! Me and me crew be havin' a spot o' trouble stackin' all this booty on the boat. She ain't built for so much loot! Care to try yer hand at balancin' all this loot and makin' her seaworthy again? We'll even share the plunder...

Why You'll Love It

Kids can stack up fun pirate pieces like the compass, anchor, jolly roger, cannon, treasure chest, and Blockbeard's crew. And no two pieces are the same, so each time you play is a new adventure! This toy is simple to play, tough to master, providing hours and hours of replay value.

What's in the Box?

18 all-natural wood pieces painted with bright, bold colors, and 1 boat to balance them on. Can you balance them all?


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