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Cooking Customers

Cooking Customers

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Play cards, roll dice and don't get fired!

In Cooking Customers you will need to hire cooks to make meals so that you can serve you customers and win the game all while avoiding horrible kitchen injuries, health inspections and complaining customers

In this restaurant based game each player is dealt five cards and a table card. The table card has two sides, one side indicating how many meals you must cook and the other side indicating the tip you earn for completing the table.

Each turn you can play up to two cards. One on yourself and one on your opponents, or you can just discard one or both. You want cook cards, which are needed to roll the dice and cook meals. Other cards include kitchen injuries, health inspectors and the like to slow your opponents down as well as energy drinks, thief's and trainees to help you get your meals cooked.

The goal of the game is to be the first player to earn $20 in tips.


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