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Hexus The Game that Vexes You

Hexus The Game that Vexes You

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The Hex Game that Vexes You!

Do all the same old board games leave you bored? If you like games that put your brain to work, Hexus is the game for you! Seems crazy to think a simple grid on a slab of wood is the base for an addictive strategy game. But it's true! In fact, it's so captivating, there's a worldwide tournament dedicated to it every year! Made by a mathematician, Hexus is physical proof that math can actually be fun; specifically, the frustrating kind of fun that has you glued to your chair for hours. The goal is to create a line from one side of the board to the other, while sabotaging your opponent's chances of doing it first.

Any game can help pass the time, but Hexus will exercise your brain muscles and bring out your competitive edge. Not bad for a game that just asks you to make a line.

Why You'll Love It

This board is crafted from natural cuts of wood and finished with a traditional 11" x 11" grid, also known as the "John Grid". This is the OG of the Hexus grids, and we firmly believe in giving credit to the original mastermind.

The blue and orange color scheme is a fresh, new look compared to the classic black-and-white alternative. The contrast in color will help visually keep track of the game. It's your choice to either take the game out of the box like an ordinary board game, or be different and keep it in the box. The rhombus-shaped game board leaves 2 openings that are perfect for both teams to store their game pieces in the box!


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