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Yut Nori Korea's Game Of Seollal

Yut Nori Korea's Game Of Seollal

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Celebrate Togetherness

This isn’t just any ordinary game. It's a major part of Korean New Year (aka Seollal). Family travels far and wide to ring in the new year together with good food and fun times. While it’s technically a board game, it plays a little differently than you might be used to.

For starters, instead of using dice to determine how many spaces you move, you toss 4 wooden sticks called yut. (Fun Fact: Yut Nori literally means “stick game”.) You start from the bottom right-hand corner of the pan, and move up the track. Choose the best path back around to the starting point. Stack your pieces and move both at the same time if you’re feeling confident. Careful though. If your opponent’s mal lands on yours, it’s back to the starting point for you!

If you enjoy games like Pachisi, Go, Ludo, or Hnefatafl, you’ll love Yut Nori. It’s the perfect addition to the collector’s ever-growing board game hoard.

Why You’ll Love It

Originally played on a cloth or a piece of paper, the game board is infamous for tearing or staining if a drink spills. Brybelly’s reimagining is made out of greyboard, composed of recycled fiber material that is easy to clean and is built to last many more New Years to come.


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