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Fleet The Dice Game

Fleet The Dice Game

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Fleet: The Dice Game is an exciting new strategic roll and write dice game from the creators of Fleet! In Fleet: The Dice Game, you are back in beautiful Ridback Bay to reap its rewards! The Game takes place over 10 rounds, with each round having two phases, the Boat Phase and the Town Phase.

In the boat phase, players will select one die to check off the matching boat type on their sheet - unlocking license powers and boat launches to catch fish. In the town phase, each player selects one die to use to unlock special buildings in the Wharf that grant bonuses, ships in the harbor to earn points and catch more fish, or go to the market and gain income to generate bonus actions. Fishing occurs between phases in the even rounds, and the player with the most points at the game end wins!

The new 2nd Edition includes an Updated Scorepad, the Deluxe 5 Starting Captain cards, and 10 Trophy Award cards!


2 Score Pads
10 Engraved Dice (6 Boat Dice, 4 Town Dice)
1 First Player Marker
3 Captain Tokens (for solo play)
5 Starting Captain Cards
10 Trophy Cards
1 Rule Book


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