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Dystopian Wars The Commonwealth Marena Battlefleet

Dystopian Wars The Commonwealth Marena Battlefleet

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The Marena Vitruvian Colossus is a wonder of engineering that inspires ice-cold fear in the hearts of the enemies of the Commonwealth. A towering sight on land and no less impressive at sea, it is as versatile as it is imposing. Its Mag-Rail Axe can be used to make crushing attacks that rain down upon enemy vessels or be launched at range causing a magnetic field that can stick a vessel on its current course. This can be particularly troublesome when combined with the Cryo-Generator that stands as the head of the machine, creating icebergs ahead of the opposing craft that it now may find itself impossible to avoid.

The Boyar Heavy Frigate packs a surprising punch for its size. Woe betide any captain who mistakes these vessels for a standard frigate. Their combined firepower can be surprisingly devastating if one makes a mistake identifying them. The squadron captains have used this to their advantage by meeting their opponents head on, appearing to be less threatening Rurik Frigates to the unaware, only to turn and show their second gun batteries at the last second where they unleash twice the firepower that was expected. This is often the last mistake that their enemies make.


3 x Marena Vitruvian Colossus (can also be built as Kostroma Vitruvian Colossus)
6 x Boyar Heavy Frigate

Please Note:

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and unassembled.
Unit Cards are not included and can be found on the Dystopian Wars website.


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