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Tarot A Game of Souls

Tarot A Game of Souls

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Tarot: a Game of Souls is a competitive, trick taking game. Winning a hand is called “Taking a Trick”. Each player takes turns in the role of Soul Hunter for a round between five and seven hands long.


There are five different hands that can be played in each round in the Basic game. Each hand has a different objective, and each hand is played only once in a round. Each hand’s objective has a soul value and players win or lose souls from their opponents depending on how well they play the hand. During the round, the Soul Hunter attempts to win souls from the other players.


Once played, the token next to that hand is removed from the Soul Hunters board and only those hands with tokens remaining may be played. Each of these hands will be played once to complete a full round.


The winner is the player who has collected the most souls at the end of the game.


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